‘FU/FA’ by Daniels Street Is Jangly, Eclectic Pop Punk with Sad Lyrical Themes

10 4 18 Daniels Street.jpg‘FU/FA’ by Daniels Street is jangly, eclectic pop punk with a melancholy sensibility. They describe the tune as, “about a relationship gone bad and drug abuse, making use of both electric and acoustic guitars. It approaches heavy subject matter with a light attitude,” they say. This feels a lot like much of the work on Brand New’s debut album Your Favorite Weapon, which also fused a generally upbeat tone with personally-oriented, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Adding to the comparison are the similarities between this vocalist’s voice and that of Brand New’s frontman Jesse Lacey as well as the concurrent use of acoustic and electric guitars. There’s kind of homey, lo-fi quality on here that’s very endearing. Especially in an age defined by crystal clean digitized recordings. This is a neat tune from a promising project. Check out ‘FU/FA’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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