Return to Pop Punk with OLC’s “Still Okay”

Bringing back the classic garage band look and pop-punk sound is OLC (Overseas Love Crisis) with recent song and music video, “Still Okay.” The video, filmed at an actual house party in rural Indiana, reflects OLC’s members’ down-to-earth, relatable personalities. The song is grungy and mixes elements of classic rock with pop punk to create a sound we were used to hearing in the early 2000s, but have maybe since forgotten. It’s an undeniably fun song with a happy beat, about finding something grounding to remind yourself you’re “still okay.” There are some really heartbreaking lines about mortality and the end of relationships, but the song reminds us that as long as our heart is beating, we are all okay.

More info about the band: // #olc // #overseaslovecrisis // @olcftwayne // #LETTERSLOST // #WANNABE

(source: OLC facebook)

Written by Skylar Bauer

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