5 LGBTQ Music Projects You Don’t Want To Miss

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1. Niko & L Raquel – Libra Gemini

Niko and L Raquel’s collaborative project “Libra Gemini” came out earlier this year but us here at Rock The Pigeon can’t get enough of the record. It’s got a chill vibe with just the right amount of production and great vocal hooks throughout. Our favorite song from the record is called “You Won” but every song on the record will make you feel something remarkable. 7 Tracks = 7 Bangers

2. Eithermore – Honey, You’ve Got A Big Storm Coming

Eithermore, lead by Jordanna Felice is an indie-rock from Long Island, New York. They have released three singles, the most recent “Honey, You’ve Got A Big Storm Coming” is our favorite because the hook is contagious in both lyrical content and melody. The song features a smooth sailing guitar that is clearly driven by raw emotion. The song has many great technical changes and proves that the brain behind Eithermore is a true genius. The full length record is dropping later this month! Honey, We can’t wait!

3. Enrique Jesus Hernandez – _Hunger City]

Enrique Jesus Hernandez released the EP “_Hunger City]” on the 1st of October which is an art piece that speaks the truth about Hernandez’s experience being a survivor of domestic violence. The tracks on the 5 song EP switch from having experimental electronic beats to being acoustic-guitar driven then back to an experimental production. The songs flow together to take the listener on a roller coaster ride through the lyrics and haunting ad-libs combined with very fitting music. The vocals show a real form of talent and emotion that not many people have today.

“_Hunger City] isn’t an opinion, a “might have” or “could be”, and it isn’t an “answer”. It is an example of how a person, myself, was able to survive (mentally & emotionally); being empowered through creativity to cope and persevere. ”
– Enrique Jesus Hernandez

4. Richard Cortez – The Welder & the Lark

Richard Cortez is a prolific songwriter who has thrived in the gay community with his songwriting and voice. Cortez has recently put out “The Welder & the Lark”, a 6-song EP which is driven by soft acoustic guitars that switch between slow chords and sweet finger picking. The singer has a breathtaking voice and poetic lyrics that will make just about anyone fall in love with the amount of passion poured into these songs.

“You kissed me and gave me the chest cold that you’d been trying to kick for weeks.”
– Richard Cortez (Chest Cold ft. Logan Sawtelle)

5. Shea Freedom – Stand Together Now

Shea Freedom has recently released “Stand Together Now.” Shea Freedom is known for traveling the country to chase down his dream with everything he has. He has also been an activist for youth in Foster care. He uses his music to spread the message of peace and love. Shea Freedom is not only a talented instrumentalist but an excellent guitar player, story teller, and songwriter. He puts so much passion and energy into his songwriting which is conveyed through every recording and every live performance.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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