Kira Metcalf’s Delicate New Single “Lily”


“Lily” is the first single off of Kira Metcalf’s upcoming release “Indelicate”. On the contrary to the title of the album, “Lily” is delicate and powerful all the same. Acoustic guitars and her exquisite voice open the track, while upright bass and a subtle snare drum carry the rhythmic foundation. The song builds texturally with her vocal harmonies through the verses. Beautiful strings add to the ethereal essence of the track. She sings, “To have what I crave feels like a trick,” affirming the relatable fear that we all can’t just have what we want. Stay tuned for her album “Indelicate”, which will be available to stream everywhere on November 2nd.

Listen on Spotify:

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Twitter: @kirametcat


Written by Jordanna Felice of Eitermore


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