‘Above the Towers’ by Mercy Stone Is Eclectic, Progressive Globally-Oriented Rock

10 9 18 The Mercy Stone‘Above the Towers’ by The Mercy Stone is eclectic, classically-oriented rock with a progressive, world music vibe. The group describes the track as featuring, “a driving 15-beat rhythmic pattern, lush vocal harmonies, and a trippy vocal canon at the end.” If you’re “hearing the music of The Mercy Stone for the first time,” they say, “the tight grooves, catchy vocals and imaginative soundscapes can easily make a seasoned music-lover’s ears perk up and take notice.” These guys have an enormously diverse sound. The use of complex rhythmic clapping and Spanish fingerstyle guitar provides the tune with a clear flamenco sensibility. At the same time, the interwoven vocal canons and unorthodox classical instrumentation, like the violin or the heavily synthesized xylophone, give the song an immersive, expansive quality that almost buries the listener in the group’s atmosphere. These guys are certainly progressive, but it seems a little misleading to call them a rock band. They certainly take a lot from the rock tradition, but they seem to exist in a entirely different world than the conservative guitar-drums-bass formula. This is a mesmerizing track from a well put-together project. Check out ‘Above the Towers’ below!


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