Darryl Rahn Showcases Heartfelt Folk Songwriting on “Making Strangers”

Darryl Rahn puts all his heartfelt romantic doubts into an indie-folk song that will break your heart, especially if you are someone who can relate to the blunt lyrical content. The Brooklyn-based independent singer-songwriter sings sweetly and emotionally over a softly picked acoustic guitar on “Reason to Run.” The song is incredibly well written and stands well enough on it’s own without any major type of instrumentation outside of the typical folk ballad of acoustic guitar and voice. Both the verse and the chorus melodies are catchy enough to be easily memorized by fans of the singer. We are sure this will be a sing-a-long at his shows.

The song channels into the mind of someone that can’t quite commit to another person no matter how much they adore them. Anxiety and doubt make this young songwriter run. The lyrics talk about looking for a way out of the relationship but resolve at the end with the realization that the songwriter should be looking at the person he is with instead of trying to find a way out. The song ends in a place that yells to live in the moment instead of living in fear.

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“Reason to Run” is off of Darryl Rahn’s album “Making Strangers” that was released on August 31st, 2018. The album contains many great songs including “Curveball” and “Evelyn” which is piano driven. Each song on the record has a different feel but the record still flows from song to song to bring the listener a great showcase of Rahn’s talent and artistry. The songs on the album seem to be inspired by modern singer-songwriter artists and also classic rock and folk musicians. Darryl Rahn has a similar voice to Anthony Da Costa and Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids/The New Amsterdams) and the smart songwriting style of Paul Simon. Regardless of the inspiration, this is a record that can be liked by just about anyone. This is one of the best albums that Rock the Pigeon has heard all year. The 10 song album “Making Strangers” can be found on Spotify now:

I remember I was just about to head out the door to get groceries, but saw my guitar on the couch and decided to pick it up. It was tuned to open C, and the opening riff just happened to be the first thing I played. It intrigued me enough to sit down and take seriously, and the whole song was finished before I finally decided to go shopping. It isn’t often an idea comes together so quickly, but I always try to make time for it when it does.
– Darryl Rahn

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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