DD WALKER May Be The Next Synth Pop Icon


DD WALKER is on his way to becoming a pop icon. He has a unique style that is driven by smooth synthesizers and a pure voice that bleeds raw emotion. DD WALKER has just released a serious banger called “Psychic Twin” that becomes quite addicting from the first note that is sung. The well-produced track gives enough breathing room for the listener to fully absorb DD WALKER’S meaningful and romantic lyrics and soulful vocal. The vocal shines on the track and is fitting with the style of the music. “Psychic Twin” has the the anthemic power of all the 1980’s hit songs, a sound that is making quite the comeback in 2018. We expect music like this to takeover the charts next year. DD WALKER is on the right path to becoming a pop sensation. Enjoy the song on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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