Kara Connolly Celebrates the Sweet 16 of The All-American Rejects Emo Hit “Swing, Swing” with a Pop Ballad Version


How can anyone ever forget the song “Swing, Swing” by The All-American Rejects? It’s arguably one of the best emo rock songs of all time. The song never gets old with big organs and thick electric guitars. When that vocal hits, it’s easy to recognize that it’s one of the catchiest melodies ever written from start to finish.  The 2002 song had every emo kid headbanging and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs for years Emo fans simply can’t resist “Swing, Swing.”

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The legendary song came out 16 years ago and to celebrate the existence of one of the most incredible songs ever, Kara Connolly has released a new version. Kara Connolly breaks the song down into something slower and turns it into a ballad that makes the listener really feel for the singer. The song becomes hauntingly beautiful in a completely different way. The All-American Rejects version feels a little more angsty in delivery and gives the vibe that the singer is completely over the relationship and has overcome. Kara Connolly’s version seems like she’s not over who she’s singing about even though the lyrics are exactly the same. The heartbreak of the lyrics shines through more with her version. This goes to show how a songs delivery and production can impact the meaning of the lyrics. Both versions are beautiful, just different from one another.

The band’s version is pretty angsty, triumphant and anthemic, but listening to the lyrics over and over again as I have throughout the years made me realize that the song’s sentiment is actually quite melancholic. I love the heart-on-your-sleeve vibe of that entire record so I wanted to put my own spin on it and honor a band I’ve always admired. Recording this cover made me really emotional. I found that I could now connect in a way that I hadn’t as a kid. It brought me back to this incredibly desperate place in which you just want anyone to help you through the deep sadness and loss of (in my case) a first love.”
– Kara Connolly

Enjoy Kara Connolly’s version here:

If you want to get all nostalgic and emo again here’s The All-American Rejects:

Kara’s Website: https://www.karaconnolly.com

Written by Ryan Cassata

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