Eckman Dredge’s ‘Get Away Closer’ Is Immersive Space Rock with a Sludgy Edge

10 18 18 Eckman Dredge.jpgEckman Dredge’s ‘Get Away Closer’ is sludgy, melodic alternative that takes a lot cues from the hard rock and metal worlds. The band says this song “enters the mysterious mind of Eckman, following a lone astronaut careening through the void. Able to show their knowledge of what an alt-rock, post-grunge song should sound like, the single calls back to the rock of the nineties with a modern twist.” They refuse to comment on the symbolic meaning of their narrative, saying, “the purpose of music is to find meaning within the song for yourself.” These guys do a really good job of fusing an intense, hard-hitting approach with a softer, more intellectual edge. The spacey aesthetic they traffic in draws similarities with groups like Hopesfall and God Is an Astronaut, but clearly they also take cues from extreme metal and noise rock. This is a quality track from a promising band. Check out ‘Get Away Closer’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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