‘Fast Friends’ by Dad Hats Is High-Strung Indie with an Emo-Pop Take

10 18 18 Dad Hats.jpeg‘Fast Friends’ by Dad Hats is fast, sad indie rock fused with high-energy take on pop punk. “Dad Hats flirts with the nineties, makes out with indie rock and is married to catchy hooks,” they say. They set “themselves apart in the Nashville music scene with nonstop, high energy live shows.” As can be discerned from the intro, this is the opening track for their new release The Second Longest Driveway in Indiana. These guys are very emo – although one gets the sense that they wouldn’t appreciate being labeled that way. Some lines can definitely be drawn between these guys and old heads like Cap’n Jazz and Rites of Spring, but they practice a more explicitly mathy, indie-influenced take on the genre reminiscent of Michael Cera Palin, Castevet or Modern Baseball. The band really brings a lot of energy to the table on top of their charming, homey light Upland South twang. This is an a great track from a band with purpose. Check out ‘Fast Friends’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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