Artist of the Day: Mike Powell Tells Stories through Songs on “Shelter Without Walls”

Mike Powell‘s new song “Poison Diamond” starts with a one minute slow build that is filled with soulful guitars. The song’s intro may be long but it never for a moment feels empty without vocals. The guitar lines fill listeners ears perfectly on their own and when the vocals do come in they blend effortlessly and soulfully. The songs melody crawls through the speakers to deliver a raw blues song that has the power to bring listeners to tears. The combination of slow melodic guitars and lyrics of heartbreak make for a song that is truly unforgettable. “Poison Diamond” is off of Mike Powell’s 6-song EP titled “Shelter Without Walls.”

The EP is a testament of true songwriting and musical talent. Mike Powell possesses the rare ability to tell a story through his songs. There is not a song on this record that cannot be appreciated by the listener. Each song bleeds with soul, is lyrically poetic, and rocks the listener into a different state of mind where they can forget about their own life for a moment and hear about the journey of a bluesy singer-songwriter. Listen to a story. Listen to a song. Listen to Mike Powell.

Rock The Pigeon’s Favorite Tracks from the EP:

“Poison Diamond”
“Craving Good Love”

Learn more about Mike Powell here:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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