La Goony Chonga’s ‘Be Me’ Straddles the Worlds of Trap and Reggaeton

10 23 18 La Goony ChongaLa Goony Chonga’s ‘Be Me’ is eclectic, hard-hitting bi-lingual rap music out of Miami with a decidedly Latin take. “The upbeat track, produced by Astronomar,” the artist’s management says, “embodies La Goony’s signature trap reggaeton hybrid style which she has coined as ‘treaggaeton.'” That’s definitely the best way to summarize La Goony Chonga’s musical take. On here, she fuses bright, upbeat synthesized flute noises with a straightforward, traditionally trap percussion pattern. One gets the sense that this track really embodies not only this artist’s personality, but also that of her community and the Miami area as a whole. Her ‘treaggaeton’ fuses the city’s two most most notable recent additions to the world of popular music. It accomplishes that mix with poise and precision. Check out ‘Be Me’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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