Self Evident’s ‘Lost Inside the Machinery’ Is Slow, Expansive Artfully-Composed Alt-Rock

11 1 18 Self Evident.JPGSelf Evident’s ‘Lost Inside the Machinery’ is crawling, pensive alternative rock with an expansive, non-traditional approach. “Hailing from Minneapolis,” this self-described experimental rock group “has been at it since forming in 1997,” they say. The trio is made up of three musicians who have more than raw talent – they have over two decades of experience under their belts. It really shows. There’s a level expertise on here that’s rarely matched in the world of indie rock. Behind the precise playing lies a close attention to both compositional detail and stylistic choice. Not only does every musical phrase have a clearly thought out, well-defined purpose – the same can be said of of every lyric, effect and note. The group cites early post-hardcore groups like Faraquet, Shellac and Don Caballero, but this has arguably moved pretty far from the world of hardcore – at least in terms of the sonic aesthetic. This is a really impressive showing from a band that deserves your attention. Check out ‘Lost Inside the Machinery’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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