Introducing angsty punk…FREE PARKING!

The angsty indie punk band Free Parking! formed in Pennsylvania and is now based in Seattle. Their new song “Brittle Bullets” starts off channeling some funk and then transitions into more of an emo punk vibe with distorted guitars and pounding drums. The shift in genres takes the listeners on a fun adventure that they won’t forget quickly. The vocals are filled with angst and cleverly dip into s surprising falsetto to add a great touch of originality to the track. The falsetto separates Free Parking! from other bands in their genre. The best way to buy their 15 track record Fanfiction, which includes “Brittle Bullets” is on BandCamp. Click here to buy it! You can stream the record on Spotify:

A Quote from the Songwriter:
“When I first write this song it was back in 2015, and it was a song about being in a relationship with a pushy, deaf girl, which is admittedly a strange subject for a song. I thought the idea that someone could be both unable to speak and also kind of the driving force in a relationship was kind of interesting.
However, I had coincidentally just begun a very long and intense relationship with a German woman, and at the time things were still in the honeymoon phase. I was learning German, and her English was improving right before my eyes. She also happened to be very bossy and forceful (I have a type) and the song kind of morphed into being about her and I instead.
How do you truly connect and communicate and connect if neither partner is speaking in their “native language”? Can love actually blossom across that? Certain things can, I think. There are certain things that need no translation whatsoever, and physical intimacy is certainly one of them, which is of course why the song is so sexually explicit.
The track was originally envisioned as an almost Misfits-style fast punk song, but due to an error in the recording software, a version popped out that was at the sort of “sexy slow jam” groove that it currently sits at. As soon as we all heard that, we immediately knew that THIS was what the song was missing. Praise the sun for happy mistakes. It’s my favorite track on the album.”
– Free Parking!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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