Jagd’s ‘Luxaflex’ Is a Dialed Dutch Take on Modern Punk Rock

11 7 18 JagdJagd’s ‘Luxaflex’ is a tight, expressive take on punk rock out of Amsterdam. “For the past two years,” these guys say they have “been winning over the Netherlands with a fiery mix of freaky indie rock and Broadway punk.” They claim to have garnered, “a reputation for being a merciless live band,” and that after “over a hundred shows in the Netherlands, the band is yearning to take over the rest of the world.” This band definitely brings a clean, focused approach to a genre broadly known for its lack of precision. They don’t sacrifice any of punk’s trademark tenacity or grit, but their regimented approach gives them a much broader appeal. Over the solid musical base, the vocalist on here channels a unique, deeply engaging sensibility that really sets the group apart from the pack. This is an awesome track from a talented band. Check out ‘Luzaflex’ below!





Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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