Singer-Songwriter Kat Hamilton Moves to L.A. & Releases Debut Solo EP “The Grey Area”

“The Grey Area tackles this idea of who wins and loses a breakup. I was feeling like my ex was happily living her life as if I had never happened. Although the lyrics paint a picture that I wanted her back, it’s more about me not wanting to be the one who still pined or wrote love songs. It’s me, confronting my own pride more than anything else…”
– Kat Hamilton


Kat Hamilton is a singer-songwriter who has recently relocated to Los Angeles from NorCal with dreams to move up in the music industry. Since the big move, the young artist has been writing, recording, and playing shows around the city of angels. Kat Hamilton has also released her 5 song debut EP titled “The Grey Area” following the release of two recent singles “Bees” and “Letting Go.”

The title track from this new EP features more of an indie-rock feel with emotionally-charged lyrics about heartbreak and the totally human cycle of overthinking a breakup. Lyrically, “The Grey Area” seems to be the afterthoughts and concerns of a rough split that brings on the lovesick blues. Kat Hamilton’s voice carries this heartbreak and sorrow through the 5 Song EP.

Kat Hamilton’s “The Grey Area” could be streamed on Spotify:

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