Cold Weather Company’s ‘Do No Harm’ Is Dark, Orchestral Piano Rock

12 5 18 Cold Weather Company.jpgCold Weather Company’s ‘Do No Harm’ is dense orchestral music with a rock-oriented analog approach out of the Garden State. Frontman Steve Shimchick says the track is, “inspired by different stages of the same exciting, yet fleeting relationship.” He goes on to explain that, “while many songs on,” the new EP “Find Light include a struggle between positive and negative themes within the same verses, ‘Do No Harm’ stays dark.” From a compositional point of view, this is an extremely rich track. The layers of classical guitars, dramatic synths and, among other elements, the complex piano work leave the listener with a full, deeply satisfying mix. It feels like some parallels can be drawn between these guys and Coldplay – this is, after all, basically piano rock. In spite of that, this group takes their musicianship and emotional intensity to a level rarely seen in the genre. This is a very strong piece from a talented group. Check out ‘Do No Harm’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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