Only Yours Releases Emotionally Empowering Synth-Pop Song about Heartbreak


“Hamburg” by Only Yours is a song that is musically alive and emotionally raw. The stylistic approach to both the songs melody and instrumentation will gives listeners a nostalgic feeling throughout their heart and mind. The vocal melody is a sung softly but is still catchy and moving enough to make the listener want to listen to it again and again. With Only Yours’ universal lyrical content of being heartbroken and fearing that it’s impossible to love someone fully again, the song can bring just about anyone to reminiscing about a raw past experience. This completely human topic may even be healing for folks to listen to and empowering for others to sing along to. Both the instrumentation and production brings a fun feeling to the listener, being driven by gigantic synth lines and pounding, powerful drums. “Hamburg” is an excellent song to completely dive into, head first, as it’s sonically pleasing, and lyrically relevant to most.

Hamburg came out on November 16th, 2018. You can hear it on Spotfiy now:

“My latest, Hamburg was written while I was on tour with my friends, The Wooden Sky. I was writing a lot so I named each demo the city where I wrote the song to remember which was which. It’s a very literal song about the lasting affects of heartbreak and how the residual pain can cause one to doubt their ability to move on and love again. It’s sort of like the song “Help Me Rhonda” by the Beach Boys, where a new love interest is healing the pain of a broken heart, but you doubt your ability to offer them love in return.”

– Only Yours

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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