MARBL’s Beautiful Debut Single Dives Into the Feeling of Running Into Your First Love

MARBL has released a beautiful song that was driven by pure inspiration about the loss of love. The classic folk sound of her voice and softly-picked guitar playing makes for a melancholy vibe that feels completely human. On “I Think I Saw You On The Street” MARBL dives deeply into the raw emotion of seeing her first love walking around in the city. Perhaps they are both strangers now, but the brief encounter, creates a sense of remembering of the past and reminiscing about the feelings of her first love. She wrote the song immediately following the encounter, as if the lyrics and melody were in her heart this whole time waiting to break out. It certainly does feel that way to the listener. The song comes across as significantly authentic and emotionally raw. The sweet acoustic guitar picking, combined with a lullaby-sounding melody wraps a warm hug around anyone who is still slightly hung up on their first love. Enjoy MARBL’s debut single and music video “I Think I Saw You On The Street” on YouTube:

“This song was written on my way home, after I saw my very first love on the street. It was a quick encounter, for a moment I was thrown back to the age of sixteen. With a nostalgic heartbreak drenched in a grown up smile, I went back home, singing this song in my head.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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