Teen-Band PEOPLE PLANET Release Fun Pop-Punk Song “Rehab”


People Planet is the teenage band that is taking the indie music world by storm after dropping their first release on November 23rd, 2018. The pop-punk band put out their debut, “Rehab” containing sophisticated lyrics that you’ll be wanting to sing along to. On top of the fun-sounding music and catchy vocal melody, the deep lyrics compare drug and alcohol addiction to romantic and emotional co-dependence. The lead singer and songwriter Daisy Helmuth adds “The inspiration for the song was a frantic ‘addiction’ to a person, feeling suddenly that living without them was impossible. The subject of the song is abusing substances, while the singer is abusing pictures of him and texting him to get her own rush.” The band admits that the song was originally written as a ballad and while it is easy to imagine the song in that way, Rock The Pigeon really digs the high-energy feeling of the instrument choices and production style of this version. People Planet sounds like a mix of old school punk rock and more-modern bands like Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, and Avril Lavigne.

The band has a tight sound and a chemistry that bleeds through the track that can make any pop-punk lover become a fan instantaneously. Daisy Helmuth says that the band “… recorded it in just a few takes, adding bits and pieces along the way – like the buzzing sound on the bridge, which is actually just my super distorted vocals.” After hearing “Rehab” music fans will be begging to hear what’s to come from People Planet.

Get addicted to their sound on Spotify and be sure to add them to your favorite playlists:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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