Jayleigh’s Second Video Release Even Better than the First

Last month Illinois native and rapper, Jayleigh, dropped her music video for “Like a Stone.” Sitting at the top of her Spotify artist page, “Like a Stone”, is already a fan favorite. Produced by Justin James, this is the song where she puts her foot down and demands respect for her craft if you are a true supporter. “Claim to be my friend, but you ain’t never seen a show. So don’t be mad at me when I drop you like a stone.”

Rock the Pigeon caught up with Jayleigh the week before the release to talk briefly about her music, “If I get off stage and even 1 person comes up to me and says ‘You’re dope; I really like your lyrics’ that’s all that really matters to me. I like to pride myself on my lyrics. I don’t rely on a producer. I don’t rely on a lot of people. I want my lyrics to hit home and be relatable.”

When asked her favorite part of it all, “I have a deep, deep love for music. I think it’s really cool there are things in this world we can craft and they create sound effects. Music is really, really cool to me.” The dedication is fierce with her and Rock the Pigeon can’t wait to see the rest of her career grow. Please be on the lookout for her next 2 video releases for “Vibin’ With Me” and “Suffocating” coming this winter. Rock the Pigeon’s other favorite track is “Gold Caps.”

Find out more: https://www.instagram.com/jayleighmusic/

Written by Joey (@witrukus)

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