Billy the Kid’s ‘Tercer Mundo’ Is Exceptional Costa Rican Hardcore

12 11 18 Billy the KidBilly the Kid’s ‘Tercer Mundo’ is bruising Spanish-language hardcore out of Costa Rica with a decidedly political take. The band says this “is the new single off of Billy The Kid’s new album DESTROY BABYLON, to be released Spring 2019 worldwide through Blindsided Records.” These guys “have toured Europe and the US over 8 times and are gearing up for another worldwide tour,” they say. The group brings an old school sense of grit and groove to the table, but they play with a tightness and intensity on par with many of hardcore’s modern practitioners. There are definitely some clear allusions to beatdown or heavy hardcore (or whatever you want to call it) reminiscent of groups like Xibalba, Kublai Khan or Knocked Loose on here. In spite of that, these guys don’t let the chugs take over their entire song. They do an excellent job of working their way up to rather simply relying on their climax. On top of that, the band brings a variety of well-timed, poignant samples to accent their track. This is just some exceptionally solid hardcore. Check out ‘Tercer Mundo’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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