Felix Cartal has the Perfect Song to Bring Up The “Mood” on the Dance Floor


Felix Cartal is out with a catchy new song titled “Mood” which was released on YouTube on December 11th, 2018. The fun EDM song starts off with a serious and chill vibe, but the “Mood” is brought up by the time the chorus hits the listeners ears. This song becomes an instant pop classic at the start of the explosive and fun chorus. It’s the type of song that makes listeners want to get up and dancing. It is the perfect soundtrack for doing what you love and feeling content with life. The songs lyrics talks about living in the moment, feeling like it’s always a Holiday, and enjoying life to its fullest. Overall “Mood” by Felix Cartal is well produced and well written, catchy electronic dance music.

Check out the fun and beautifully shot music video on YouTube:

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