Adam Baldwin Brings Us “Salvation” with Bluesy Rock Vocals & Hard Hitting Drums


Deeply bluesy guitars and a distorted soulful vocal are the main attractions on Adam Baldwin’s new song “Salvation.” The song is an instant rock anthem that could fit on a rock radio station with the likes of The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Wolfmother. Adam Baldwin delivers his vocals with great attitude and really takes it all the way home on this bluesy track. The drums are pounding throughout the song making for a hard hitting blues-rock song that is impossible to ignore. “Salvation”‘s lyrics speak about “cold church basements” and the question of finding salvation down there. This lyrical content leads Rock the Pigeon to believe that the songs lyrics could be speaking about 12-Step Recovery groups or even some type of religious program. The song probably has a deeper meaning than what is apparent from just scratching the surface. Regardless of the lyrical content, the song is strong in it’s instrumentation and makes for an excellent rock song. The talented singer-songwriter is currently featured on several official Spotify playlists.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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