Paragon’s ‘Chaos Order Chaos’ Is Pop Rock with Brains

Paragon’s ‘Chaos Order Chaos’ is some sweet, expansive and deeply melodic pop rock with a sad, punky approach. These guys describe themselves as an “alternative rock band out of Hampton Roads, Virginia” with a sound aiming “to bridge the gap between a more vibed out indie, alternative sound and heavier aspects of rock.” The band describes this track as, “an escape from the duality of a fear of being alone versus a fear of being together with nothing but swirling chaos.” This band has a lot of different stuff going on. It feels like their primary influence would be pop rock bands with a light edge like Pierce the Veil or Sleeping with Sirens. From that premise, they do a lot. The track has an aesthetic that shifts from anthemic to atmospheric and back again and all of the musicianship and production choices on here are top notch. These guys are definitely worth a listen. Check out ‘Chaos Order Chaos’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13 

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