Meet Your New Favorite Emo Band: Downhaul


Downhaul is a band based in Greensboro, North Carolina that is rocking a classic emo sound. Their new single is titled “Wires / Enough” and serves as a teaser for their upcoming LP “Before You Fall Asleep” that is due out sometime this year. The song “Wires / Enough” is jam packed with a moody vocal delivery, catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies, and lyrics that will definitely win the hearts of emo kids everywhere. The song definitely starts exciting and stays exciting through it’s 3 minute and 11 second run. The vocalist starts off singing about therapy, and goes on to give some honest advice that may just spark a change in a listeners life. The lyrics alone are enough to categorize this band into the emo genre. The bass and drums carry the band, and the guitars lift the mood into something epic sounding. Downhaul has an organic sound that may lead them to become your new favorite indie rock or emo band. Anyone that really digs bands like Tigers Jaw, Remo Drive, and The Get Up Kids, will truly adore Downhaul. Rock the Pigeon is very excited for their album to drop, and based on this recently released single, we are sure it’s going to be filled with true bangers!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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