Harry Hudson & Jaden Smith Team Up for Dark Sounding Pop Song [Music Video]

Los Angeles based Americana singer-songwriter, Harry Hudson and pop icon Jaden Smith have teamed up to create a banger called “Just Slide.” Harry Hudson’s voice cuts through the track as being very emotional as he begs for his love interest to express her love to him and not hold back anymore. The chorus of the song has a chill vibe but is still extremely catchy and fits in the darker sounding side of pop music that is very current right now. Jaden Smith comes in the track with a short rap that is also very relaxed in spirit. Both artists sing and spit fire on this track to create something beautiful and current for today’s music world. The two artists make for a truly authentic collaboration that cannot be mimicked by anyone else. The music video is breathtaking. Enjoy it on Vevo on YouTube.


More info about Harry Hudson: “The singer released his first song, “World Is Gone,” online in 2013. However, during June of that year, Hudson was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and set his career aside to undergo treatment. After eight months of chemotherapy, he overcame the illness in January 2014. Harry spent the subsequent year rediscovering his inspirations and got to work writing his debut release. In 2015 he independently released two EPs, the Treatment (A-Side) and Gemineyes. The former featured songs he had written during chemotherapy, with lyrics primarily focused on his experience, while the latter was co-written with close friend and collaborator gnash. (provided by Press Agent)”


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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