The King Heat Ensemble is Out with a Great Bluesy-Folky Debut EP


A brilliantly played guitar and a bluesy-folk vocal is the first thing that is noticeable about the king heat ensemble. This Americana band, based in the U.K. is out with their debut EP classically titled “Songs.” One of our favorite tracks from their new EP is titled “Give or Take.” The singers voice comes across the track as raspy and really meshes well together with the rootsy instrumentation that the rest of the band graciously provides. The song is packed with acoustic instrumentation, fun percussion, and features a groove that can be danced to as well. The song has an overall feel good vibe to it as well as a raw an authentic vibe. It can set a great sound track for sitting around a campfire or going on a long road trip.

So many of us have so much and just think nothing of it.
Seems to me that an honest cull from time to time, to re-evaluate, can only be a good thing.”
– the king heat ensemble

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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