Resident One Could Become Your New Favorite Pop Punk Band

Pop punk band Resident One released their sophomore LP last year titled “Make My Millennium.” One of our favorite songs from this record is called “Fashion Line.” The song features the classic pop punk sounding vocals that come across a bit whiny but are definitely perfectly fitting for this specific genre. The lyrics feel a bit emo, in the best way possible, and transmit a lot of authenticity into the well-done recording. The song is a true pop punk anthem from start to finish, featuring melodic guitar riffs and punchy bass and drums.


Resident One could fit in well on a radio station with bands such as Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, The Early November, and even Blink 182. Anyone that is obsessed with the pop punk genre will really enjoy Resident One.

Enjoy their sophomore LP on Spotify now:

“Fashion Line, the lead single off Make My Millennium is an anthem full of millennial angst and fustration around navigating a world of ideals and trends that you don’t fit into. Bassist/Vocalist Craigan Hogeland passionately yells the hook “save your breath and let me know if it was worth keeping” as a reminder that some things are better left unsaid – a reminder in a world in which information can be shared at the click of a button.”
– Resident One

Written by Ryan Cassata

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