STATHI Drops Strong Debut “Angeline” with String & Horn Section

“Angeline is an apologetic love song and an honest self-examination; an attempt to come to terms with ones own flaws. The use of the viola and horns accentuate the yearning for forgiveness.” – STATHI


STATHI is out with an acoustic-driven ballad that sinks into your soul from the first note that is sung. The melody of the song “Angeline” sounds familiar and warm throughout and that familiarity makes it quite contagious. A small hint of sadness can be heard in the singers voice. The song is filled with beautiful string parts, a horn section, acoustic guitars, a soft drum groove and a band that swings. The vocal kicks in right away on top of a guitar, and the band quickly follows behind to make the song bop along a little quicker. The chorus slows down after the quicker-paced verse and gives the song a second to breathe. The only complaint that we have about this song is that it is a bit too short. This is the type of song that we want to hear over and over again because it feels so authentic and honest. “Angeline” is a very strong debut release for STATHI that gets us very excited about what is to come next from this talented singer-songwriter. Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

More info: 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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