Post Death Soundtrack and their Unique Brand of Industrial Music

Blending in doom metal, EDM, ambient tones, progressive rock, and psychedelic/experimental electronica, Post Death Soundtrack is a unique voice in the industrial music world. Last month, they released their latest album, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere, a powerful collection of 11 industrial songs ranging from dark ambient to bombastic rock, sometimes within the same track. The album’s lead single features a great music video from Colin Everall, who also designed the album artwork for the band. Colin notes,


“This music video was a departure for me – using CGI as oppose to live-action – and was a whole new way of getting creative. Thank you Jon and Steve for this opportunity to put to screen some darker depths.”

The track and album represent an interesting gateway into the darker realms of the indie music world, allowing even the uninitiated into the metal and industrial worlds to dabble. The band’s original duo of Kenneth Buck and Steve Moore have been making music together for over a decade and their latest is their most broad and diverse to date, with everything mentioned above, Indian raga, hip-hop, and more thrown into a musical blender. Watch the new video below and if it strikes the right chord for you, check out It Will Come Out Of Nowhere.

Check out more from the band at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Grab the new album on Bandcamp.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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