New School Dance Rock with an Old School Flair: Meet The Other Life


Sweden’s The Other Life recently dropped their latest single, “Moody”, along with a music video and 2 remixes of the track. The track marks a fine entry point into the sound and influences of the New Wave inspired dance rockers. As the track gets rolling, you’ll quickly recognize the influence of bands like Joy Division and Public Image Ltd. Those keen on modern dance music will hear shades of modern EDM, 90s club music, and a lot of similarities to some of the more prominent throwback dance rockers of the past decade or so. However, it’s the 80s influence and New Wave flair that really fuels The Other Life, from dance punk like Gang of Four to the electronic sounds of New Order, fans of 80s dance are going to really love “Moody”. Pulsing beats, toe tapping melodies, unique vocals, and contemplative lyrics, the recipe for great dance rock is all here.

Check the hypnotic music video out for yourself below. And, make sure to follow the band on Facebook and check out the EP including great track and 2 remixes on Spotify.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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