Artist to Watch: Abhi The Nomad, Recently Played SXSW and Released “Marbled (Acoustic)”

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Abhi The Nomad is a 24 year old singer-songwriter and rapper. This talented artist successfully and cleverly combines many different genres of music into one track to create something truly magical and unique. On Abhi The Nomand’s new track “Marbled (Acoustic)” you will hear inspiration from jazz through the guitar playing, and you will also hear pop and hip hop in the vocal delivery and style. He raps skillfully on his track and even sings a hook over a beat box style percussion part. “Marbled” sets the mood for a chill day or night. It’s a song that seems simple on the first listen but as you spin the song again and again you will hear elements that were unnoticed on the first listen. There is also a produced version of the song “Marbled” which gets a bit more experimental and feels a bit more ready for pop radio. Both versions of the song are quite enjoyable. Enjoy the acoustic version on Spotify now:

Abhi The Nomad is currently featured on The Austin 100 after successful shows at SXSW.

Find out more about this talented artist: 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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