Youth Sector Releases Politically Inspired Banger “Run”


Inspired by the likes of Talking Heads, Ought, The Fall, Devo and Preoccupations, UK-based band Youth Sector, are the latest craze for indie music lovers. Their dark-politically-themed single “Run” is a great snap shot of their unique sound that features a heavy bass guitar, and fun-sounding synthesizers. Sounding a bit like early punk rock and 1980’s pop music, Youth Sector has hit the nail on the head in terms of writing a catchy song that is begging to be sung along to. The song takes many twists and turns, dives into unexpected sounds and melodies, making every moment of this song matter for the listeners ears. It’s exciting and fresh sounding, it’s everything that young music lovers will want to eat up through Spotify streams or catch live in concert. Youth Sector has been praised by many BBC stations since their 2018 climb up, and we believe that they deserve every bit of praise they have been given and more.

Enjoy the smash single “Run” on Spotify now:

“It’s easy to be saddened and disillusioned by the divisive politics offered to us in 2019. ‘Run’ is an expression of that sadness, watching the opinions of those around us become more polarised and emphatic in their ideological opposition. The lyrics almost read like a compilation of overheard conversations, reflecting how issues like religion, climate change and immigration have become simplified, sloganeering arguments between left and right. The song’s lyrics more than anything attempt to highlight the lack of any real content in debate in the media age, and the isolation caused by division.” – Youth Sector

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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