Producer/Artist, Speck City Drops Experimental EP “Delight St.”

“The song is about the anxiety and anticipation leading up to leaving a situation that I had been in for a long time, but knew wasn’t right for me. And the liberation and growth that comes in like a wave afterwards. In all honesty, I wrote this track after seeing how happy my dog was leaving the vet after a painful exam. It was very self reflective.”
– Speck City


Speck City is the moniker of Kristianne Bautista. The talented artist and producer has released an EP titled “Delight St.” at the end of February that contains four deeply unique songs. The song that really tugged on our ears is “Your Face is Turning Blue.” The Filipino-American combines several genres on this track like jazz, hip hop, punk, and dance music. The song sounds very experimental, popping with many influences, but still smoothly transitions from part to part. The chorus explodes with a catchy hook melody and a heavily effected vocal that can bring listeners into a meditative trance. Speck City is currently working on more music to bless her fans ears with! Enjoy the EP on Spotify now:

“I listen to a lot of kraut and garage, french 60’s pop, alt dance, and soundtrack music. My tastes are all over the place but I’m heavily influenced by films, and usually have a movie playing in the background when I’m writing.”
– Speck City


Written by Ryan Cassata

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