Chris Lastovicka’s “The End of Tryanny” – Classical Music with a Modern Flair

What do you get when you take a classically trained musician and composer who has a penchant towards cinematic scores and pair him with a great remixer and producer who is known for his work with great electronic trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack? You get something big, bold, and beautiful. Chris Lastovicka’s upcoming release – Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) – features 5 of his original compositions rearranged and remixed by the great producer Jeremy Allom.


Allom has recorded live albums and remixed for David Bowie, he’s done production work for The Pretenders, he’s engineered for The Specials… his list of collaborators is extensive and impressive, ranging from Peter Gabriel to Baz Luhrmann and beyond. Partnering with Lastovicka brings a dynamic blending of worlds that combines classical music, jazz, alternative, electronic, and more. Together the two have put together a unique and powerful set of 5 tracks, starting with two lead singles.

The lead single – “The 7th Chapter of Job (Remixed)” – released late last year to whet the appetites of music lovers far and wide. As we approach the album’s release, the second single, “The End of Tyranny (Remixed)” is now out, along with a great music video. The track blends hypnotic keys and strings in a manner that creates an entrancing feeling that carries the listener away. Comparable to the recently deceased Icelandic great Jóhann Jóhannsson, the track is somehow simultaneously emotionally raw and psychological deep. There is great power in music and Lastovicka knows how to evoke that power like very few do these days.

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Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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