SUN BLIND Reminds Us That “Emo” is Not a Dirty Word

Luke Eccles has been making music for the better part of his life. Now in his late 30s, he’s fronted bands for nearly 20 years and his music has continued to mature consistently with each new release and each new project. His latest, the Phoenixville PA based Sun Blind, features an incredible supporting cast of talented Philly area musicians and a sound that harkens to the best things about bands like Thrice, Further Seems Forever, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Brand New. In other words, Sun Blind plays that indie rock that falls into that dreaded category of “emo”… but it’s the good kind of emo.


The lyrics and vocals of Eccles shine in ways that they rarely have before, as could only be rivaled in the later era of Awaking Mercury, his most recent project before Sun Blind. The maturity in his voice, both sonically and in his writing, is noticeably different from much of the music being released today. Eccles is a grizzled veteran of the indie music scene and it shows. Yet, he refuses to let his experiences ever make his music more cynical or dark. There is hope in these songs and hope is a big part of Luke’s message with Sun Blind.

“Cut Me Through” is a powerful, emotive, indie rock track that gives you a great taste for what the new self-titled album has in store for you. It’s available on Spotify and iTunes now.

Fans of 90s emo, Circa Survive, and mature indie rock need look no further than Sun Blind. For a little taste of their sound, check out the music video below.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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