Joe Kaplow’s Debut Record is a Story Telling Folk Masterpiece

Dive into Joe Kaplow’s music. You’ll find yourself immediately relaxed by the soothing pace of the finger picked acoustic guitars. You’ll feel a peacefulness in your soul when his folky voice cuts through the track. Joe Kaplow has recently released his first album “Time Spent in Between” and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s lyrically brilliant, and the music speaks to the listener with or without lyrics. One of the songs from this record is called “Mavourneen.” It contains a catchy chorus section with a universal theme “I don’t want to be just another somebody.” But what exactly is a Mavourneen?

Joe Kaplow explains that: “I had a app in my phone that would show me a word of the day every day to expand my vocabulary. One day, the word was mavourneen, an Irish-English word that means ‘my darling.’ I thought it was a beautiful word so I wrote the song right then and there.”


Another song from the record it titled “Cathartic Rambling” and it feels slightly more modern than “Mavourneen” especially because the opening lyrics talk about stick n’ poke tattoos which are very trendy right now. The lyrics go into a more emotional place, and even feel slightly sorrowful, as Kaplow speaks about being distant from the people he loves such as his family who are growing old and perhaps dying, and his friends who have changed a lot. The song is a story-telling masterpiece, keeping the spirit of folk music alive and well.

The record contains 12 songs, Mavourneen and “Cathartic Rambling” being the ending tracks, lasting 53 minutes in total. We highly recommend giving it a listen! It can be streamed on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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