TV ME Delivers a Unique Psychedelic Rock Song

“Magnificent Advertisement” by TV ME might be the most psychedelic song we have heard all year. It’s chill in vibe and feels very trippy, reflecting the sounds of the hippie movement and of the classic rock LSD era. Musically, the song stands out in terms of instrument choices. The well-played bass guitar is definitely the highlight of track, feeling quite funky. Strange sounding synthesizers are also used on the track. The song builds around the 3 minute mark into something that sounds much more rock n’ roll, and almost punk rock, before returning back into the natural psychedelic dream state that the song starts with. Overall, this song is definitely a great piece for listeners to take a vacation from the mind with.


“Magnificent Advertisement is a big, sparkly, druggy song. It came about by messing around with the arpeggiated chords that open the track. They’re chords with a weird added note in the middle and I like to use them a lot. The lyrics are inspired by cut-up 1940s/50s advert slogans and Nuclear Nicola.” – Tom, TV ME

Enjoy the song on SoundCloud now:

More info on TV ME: 

Written by Ryan Cassata


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