Honeysuckle Fuse Traditional Instruments with Modern Folk Vocal for a Peaceful Sound [Music Video]

Honeysuckle is a Boston based folk band that frequently tours the country playing shows. Their new song “Fire Starter” is driven by acoustic instrumentation and harmonies that are as smooth as honey. Their story-telling lyrics share thoughts about a geographically change in life, more specifically the thought of leaving the city they live in to go back to their more simple hometown. The lyrics come across as authentic and telling, feeling quite emotional. Holly McGarry sings many things that many people are afraid to open up about. Only a true artist is brave enough to be truly honest in their music. The opening lyrics of the song talk about singing for dinner on tour, and drinking too heavily. The song dives into the topic of family, traveling and gambling. Perhaps, this is the sound of life getting a bit too overwhelming for the singer. The instrumentation gives the song a traditional sound and a peaceful vibe, almost as if the listener is floating on a cloud while listening to the song. Honeysuckle will release another album in 2019. They are currently being streamed on Spotify and NPR playlists.

Their is a music video for “Fire Starter” which contains old family footage and feels incredibly retro in style. You can view it on YouTube:

“‘Fire Starter’ is about how we define ourselves. Are our personalities and actions dictated by the people and environment that created us? How much are we in control of who we are, what we do and how we experience the world?

This song was started almost 3 years ago when I thought I might leave Boston to go back to my hometown, which I feel in large part has shaped the person I am. I only got as far as the first verse until last year. I think until then I didn’t truly have the perspective to finish it.

What brought all the songs on the new album together was that they were all about people or events that set things in motion in our lives. ‘Fire Starter’ is also the title of the album.”
– Holly McGarry


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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