Damhnait Doyle is out with a Gorgeous Record called “Liquor Store Flowers” [Album Review]

Damhnait Doyle is out with her new record “Liquor Store Flowers.” It’s one of the best records we have heard in a long time. From start to finish, it speaks to the listener. It’s authentic and breathtaking.

Rock the Pigeon wanted to take the time today to introduce our following to another great track on this record “This Ain’t My Sin.” The song is emotionally, feeling quite country, with slide guitars, and twangy vocals. The chorus has more of a minor-chord pop vibe, as it’s quite catchy in melody. “This Ain’t My Sin” is definitely a sing-a-long song. In fact, you’ll probably be singing the chorus to this song before you even get through the first stream. Around 2 minutes in, the song breaks down into a short but sweet acoustic section of the chorus, before picking up again. Damhnait Doyle is gaining lots of traction on Spotify, being placed in several major playlists.
We also recommend listening to the songs “Missed Call” and “That’s What You Get.” This record will definitely take you on an emotional adventure. You’ll feel the heartbreak. You’ll feel the blues. You’ll feel moments of happiness. You’ll have moments where you want to sing along. Damhnait Doyle’s lyrics are very relatable and her voice is beautiful on every single track. This is an artist not to be slept on. Dive into Damhnait Doyle, we promise you won’t regret it!

Enjoy this incredible modern country album on Spotify now:

More info: damhnaitdoyle.com 


Written by Ryan Cassata

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