Support the #TransIsBeautiful Documentary

#TransIsBeautiful is a documentary that will highlight the experience of a transgender man who has survived Scientology, homelessness and found true love in a world that told him he shouldn’t exist.

Shane Ivan Nash has been a indestructible transgender activist for the past 10 years. As a husband, DJ, musician, community leader, board member, organizer and the founder of the Trans Unity Rally.

Our goal with #TransIsBeautiful is to educate and uplift communities, heighten awareness of trans issues, the challenges of organized religion and the love story between two humans that have defied all odds to be together.

With your support we will make the goal. Every Donation counts and we appreciate them all no matter how big or how small. We hope you will contribute. We have some great incentives to offer, make your voice count.

Source: GoFundMe

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