Secret Emchy Society gives off the classic campfire sing-a-long vibe with new record


Secret Emchy Society has been putting out music that is true to her soul for a long time now. Classified as queer country, Secret Emchy Society’s music is really music for anyone that loves a truly authentic sound. Her newest record is titled “Mark’s Yard: The Campfire Covers” and was actually recorded during a campfire (we’re guessing at someone named Mark’s place). They had to get the vibe perfect right? They did. It’s authentic. It’s original sounding. It’s timeless. It’s fun. It also feels like it goes back to the roots of folk and country music.

The record features 11 cover songs that are classic and catchy, totaling 38 minutes. Today we are highlighting one of the songs “Monkeys In The Zoo” which has the hook line “I’m not drunk, I’m just stupid, won’t you tell me that you’re stupid too?” The song was originally written by Dave Lang, a musician friend of Cindy Emch (of Secret Emchy Society). Dave Lang actually sings backing vocals on Secret Emchy Society’s version of the song. The song fits into the genre of acoustic country, but also feels like a folk sing-a-long song, with a tinge of a punk rock attitude in it’s vocal delivery.

Secret Emchy Society is based in Oakland, California and frequently performs all over the country and even beyond.

Enjoy the song and the rest of the record on Spotify now and scroll all the way down for an official artist quote:


One of my first times touring up on Vancouver Island I met Dave Lang (of Dave Lang and the Insolent Rabble). I had played a music festival up there, and then the traditional after fest Hootenanny show at Logan’s, and then it was to the Chinatown loft for some after-show fun. My pal J was insistent that Dave play ‘that song’ for me. So in a smoke filled room, when I’d had far too much wine, Dave kicked off a slowly magical performance of this song. We’ve been friends ever since, and this little charmer is one of the best songs I think I’ve ever heard. I had a crush on the song from the moment I heard it and that’s never changed. A special treat – Dave Lang sings back up on this one too. If that’s not a blessing I don’t know what is. – Cindy Emch


For Fans Of: Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch, Daniel Romano, Becky Warren, Cranford Nix, & Mary Gauthier

Next Show: Friday, May 10th in Washington State at Lucky Liquor Tavern in Tukwila, WA

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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