Tatiana at Thirst T’s (Concert Review)

Tatiana Tell, who goes by the stage name Tatiana, is a singer/songwriter from Northeastern PA, she played a concert at local bar Thirst T’s Saturday night. Tatiana was accompanied by fellow NEPA Alternative Rock band, and bandmates The Boastfuls. The two talented acts blend well together with Tatiana’s stage presence, a mixture of Amy Winehouse meets Stevie Nicks, while The Boastful put an original twist on covers, including some favorite tunes by Jimmy Eats World and Paramore. Tatiana also performed some original songs including “Jamie”, a fun poppy, upbeat ballad that showcases Tell’s quirky side on how she deals with boy drama. Tatiana then closed with her latest single, and song title of her debut EP “Unspoken.” “Unspoken” is a hard and heavy rock ballad, about heartbreak and turmoil. You can find all of Tatiana’s music on Spotify and iTunes!

Tatiana Tell at Thirst T’s.jpg

Written by Christina Suraci

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