What Happens When You Fuse Emo, Jazz & Pop-Punk: Current Year


“The inspiration behind Great Job! comes from narcissists and energy vampires you meet in life that manipulate every conversation to be about them. They drag you down, wear you out, and not-so-subtly try to get you to validate them. Everyone is insecure, but these people go above and beyond to get your approval. This song goes out to them.”
– Current Year

Current Year are the pop-punk band based out of Saint Louis, MO. They draw inspirations from the genres of pop-punk, emo, jazz, and pop. All of these genres and more could be heard in their music. Their newest song is called “Great Job!” and is a high energy banger with a slower paced chorus section. The verse vocals are delivered melodically adding even more hooks to this very catchy song. The song takes many different turns throughout it’s 3 and a half minute run. The most impressive part of the song is that the transitions from quick to slow parts are very smooth, leaving listeners thinking “how did we even get here?” This shows the true talent and musicianship of Current Year. The song “Great Job” is off of their self-titled 14-track debut record. It can be streamed on Spotify now:

For Fans Of: Remo Drive, Sorority Noise, The Get Up Kids, Take This To Your Grave era Fall Out Boy


Follow the trio on Instagram: instagram.com/currentyearband 

Hear them on this Spotify playlist as well:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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