Introducing MXMS, their new EP, & the genre “Funeral Pop”


Synth-pop band MXMS have just released their new EP “Funeral Pop I” on May 1st, 2019 which features the incredible track “Salvation Hurts.” The duo is made up of Ariel Levitan (vocals) and Jeremy Dawson (back up vocals and synths). MXMS describe their music as “funeral pop”, a mixture of electronic and rock. We definitely think that the description of funeral pop makes sense for their sound. There’s a haunting undertone to their music that features elements of both pop and rock. It’s modern and makes sense for the music world today, but it could also transport listeners back to the 1980’s. “Salvation Hurts” is an attention grabbing track. The song starts out as a dreamy ballad, and then picks up in pace, giving the listeners the feeling of being in a club, totally getting lost in the music. It quickly turns into an anthem. Levitan’s pop-rock vocal mixed with new wave synths from Dawson, make a very unique and soothing sound. Dive in…

“Salvation Hurts” is off of their EP Funeral Pop I:

Watch the music video:

Songwriting: 10/10
Uniqueness of Sound: 8/10
For Fans Of: Billie Elish, The Dream Eaters, bülow, Paramore

More info on MXMS:

Written by Christina Suraci


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