Freedom Fry’s EP has a Styx cover & 2 other chill tracks

The band Freedom Fry cleverly thought up their band name because one member is French and one is American. They have just released a 3-song EP “Renegade” featuring 3 incredible songs that you should definitely give a spin.


The EP starts off with a unique cover of the popular Styx song “Renegade.” The song is covered in a slow fashion and fits more into the electro-pop genre of music than in the classic rock genre. Freedom Fry definitely made the song sound like it was written in 2019. It’s a super chilled out version of the song!

The second song on the EP is titled “Avalanches.” It’s slow moving, driven by simple piano chords, and breathtaking harmonies. The song picks up slightly around the one minute mark. This song will be remembered for a catchy chorus melody and bittersweet lyrics. There is a nostalgic feeling lyric video for “Avalanches” on YouTube:

The last track on the EP is called “Black Mountain” and it fits more into an indie-rock vibe, leaning towards folk. It feels slightly psychedelic like it is traveling down a winding highway on a U.S. Tour.

Listen to the EP on Spotify now:

The duo is married and are currently based in Los Angeles, California. The band has had success in songwriting places in shows such as “Love” and “Shameless.” They have also amassed a large Spotify following of 1.2 million monthly listeners and have had a lot of airplay on FM radio as well. They have performed at SXSW.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this talented duo!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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