Amy Collins Sings Honestly for Mental Health Awareness


Amy Collins is out with a great new song that brings awareness to Mental Health and anxiety disorders. Her song “Shaky Hands” is an honest song about an anxiety and panic disorder. It’s rare for an artist to be so open about this lyrically so we are very excited to share this song with our readers in hopes that someone will relate and it will help someone. We think this song definitely has the power to help others because it is a very universal topic and it also humanizes the experience of anxiety. She goes through some of her life experiences in the song and sings frankly about her struggles with mental health. The instrumentation is laid back, the vocal sits on top, every lyric is easy to understand. The song is 2.5 minutes, our only wish about the track is that is ran longer. We can’t wait to hear more from Amy Collins!

Enjoy the song here:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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