Liam Duncan’s Song about Heartbreak has a Fun Vibe to it


Canadian artist Liam Duncan is out with a dreamy indie pop single titled “Can’t Stop Calling You Baby.” The lyrics dive into the intense feeling on heartbreak. The vocal on the verse sounds a bit like Bob Dylan as far as delivery style goes, it feels a bit like a ramble but demands attention. The chorus section of the song transcends into a more pop-radio vocal with a catchy hook and a slightly smoother delivery. The hook of the song feels anthemic and fun with instrumentation that closely follows the vocal melody. It’s a definitely a song that could be sung along to at shows to lift the mood of the club. The instrumentation carries the spirit of classic rock on it’s verses, while the instrumentation of the chorus feels more like an indie pop song. It seems like Liam Duncan draws influence from many different genres and music artists. This had led to the creation of a truly unique song.

Enjoy “Can’t Stop Calling You Baby” on Spotify now:

“In the recording, I was trying to capture some of the dramatic energy I felt when I was heartbroken. It was hard for me to see past the next day, and everything just seemed dramatically terrible. …I tried to capture some of that frantic energy in the performance, and some of my raw, honest feelings in the lyrics. The vocal performance was just a couple takes through the song – I can tell when I listen to it that my voice was tired, but I like the effect it had.” – Liam Duncan

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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