Hello Noon’s Inspirational Music Video Collaboration with the Special Olympics “Run Free” is Out Now!

Hello Noon, the inspiring indie-rock band based in Los Angeles, California is out with their newest music video for their catchy anthem “Run Free.” For this video Hello Noon partnered with Special Olympics athletes to raise awareness, celebrate neurodiversity and highlight the intelligence, kindness and positivity of Special Olympics Athletes. The video includes beautiful footage of Hello Noon performing with many Special Olympic athletes, short interview snippets, and some cool sports clips. The video also features footage from Hello Noon’s live concert at UCLA that benefited the Special Olympics and Tides of Kindness. This music video is very inspirational and may bring tears to your eyes. Let’s work together with Hello Noon so we could all Run Free! Donate Now.

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I was so impressed by how much these athletes have accomplished! Jared is an actor on Nickelodeon, while Cole is an actor in feature films. Caley is on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Southern California and started her own business, Tides of Kindness. All of them have been featured in the award winning docuseries ‘Born This Way’.”Stephen Spies, guitarist and vocalist from Hello Noon


I hear a lot of people saying to me, ‘Oh, I’m not beautiful enough or I’m not smart enough’, but guess what? You have the best two qualities and that’s your friendship, and your personality to other people.
Caley Versfelt, quote taken from her interview in the music video on tackling insecurities 


“I had so much fun playing with the band.  I loved playing the drums with your drummer.“
– Jared Kozak

“I have spent the last (almost) year getting to know the band Hello Noon. Aside from being incredible musicians and songwriters, the folks in Hello Noon are some of the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet. Every project, every recording, every show, regardless of the money or the amount of eyes on them, they give it their all. It doesn’t matter if the venue isn’t packed. It doesn’t matter if the venue won’t even pay for their parking. They are musicians that frequently play in and around the Los Angeles music scene because they love to perform.” – Ryan Cassata Quote from Previous Hello Noon Article

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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